Latinx Online: A Literary Roundup from 2017

Latinx Online: A Literary Roundup from 2017



At the end of this tumultuous year, we are learning that a small, yet powerful way we can politicize our existence and support our Latinx writing community is by reading and sharing the work they publish online. We have curated a short list of reading recommendations from the amazing work that was published online by Latinx writers this year. C/S

  • Poetry

 “Pantoum for the Feast Day of Our Lady Guadalupe” by José Angel Araguz at Tinderbox Poetry Journal

Three Poems by Marisol Baca at Narrative Northeast

Two Poems by Sara Borjas at Cultural Weekly

“The ‘X’ in ‘Xicano’ Speaks” and “The ‘X’ in ‘Latinx’ Speaks” by Ariana Brown at The Shade Journal

“Gathering Magic” by David Campos at The Acentos Review

“The Axolotl Speaks” by Anthony Cody at Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“This is an Exhumation” by Malcolm Friend at The Blueshift Journal

“First Response” by Jennifer Givhan at BOAAT Journal

“Cenzóntle” by Marcello Hernandez Castillo at The Paris American

Two poems by Stephanie Kaylor at Luna Luna

"Kept" by Natalie Scenters-Zapico at Poetry Foundation

"Evolution of My Block" by Jacob Saenz at Poetry Foundation  

  • Fiction 

“Eat the Mouth That Feeds You” by Carribean Fragoza at Nat. Brut

"Illegal Letters" by Patrick Fontes at La Casita Grande 

“Lobo” by Romeo Guzman in Entrophy

“Just Friends” by Nancy Jimenez Zigler  at The Acentos Review

“Searching in Dust” by Ashley Perez at The Nervous Breakdown

“Roses” by Jessica Santillan in Hypertext

  • Non-Fiction

“Listening to My Blood” by Gabino Iglesias  at Luna Luna

“In Search of Duende” by Nicole Henares at The Acentos Review

“Para Las Duras and Other Ephemeral Bodies: Queer Chicanx Social Spaces” by Carribean Fragoza, Terromoto

“Little Vulcan Runaway” by Rios de la Luz at Corporeal Writing

“Hope in the Time of Trump” by Joel Suarez at Tropics of Meta

“Mexican White Magic” by Lucina Stone at Luna Luna

“Where Are My Latina Protags At?” by Amanda Toledo At Luna Luna

Monique Quintana is a contributing writer at Clash Media and Senior Beauty Editor at Luna Luna Magazine. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from CSU Fresno, and her work has appeared in Huizache, Bordersenses, and The Acentos Review, among other publications. She is a member of the Central Valley Women Writers Color Collective and teaches English part-time at Fresno City College. You can find her at

J.J. Hernandez is a poet in Fresno, California. He holds an MFA in poetry and served as the inaugural fellow in the Laureate Lab:Visual Words Studio under Juan Felipe Herrera. You can see some of his work in Tinderbox, Cactus Heart, and (forthcoming) Crab Orchard Review.

Steven Sanchez is the author of Phantom Tongue (Sundress Publications, Forthcoming), selected by Mark Doty as the winner of the Marsh Hawk Press Rochelle Ratner Memorial Award. He also has two chapbooks: To My Body (Glass Poetry Press, 2016) and Photographs of Our Shadows (Agape Editions, 2017). A recipient of fellowships from CantoMundo and the Lambda Literary Foundation, his poems have appeared in Poet Lore, Nimrod, Crab Creek Review, and other publications.

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Two Stories and a Poem by Aurelia Lorca

Two Stories and a Poem by Aurelia Lorca